Sunday, August 4, 2013

Newsy Sammy Bits

I've really enjoyed the reaction to last week's Epic Road Trip idea. Thanks to everyone who's sent in e-mails and/or comments. I've got a file going now and the idea's moved from Wouldn't-That-Be-Cool to Okay-Let's-Really-Do-This! We won't be highway bound for over a year (which seems like forever, I know), but it'll take that long to piece it all together and do it right. And it'll be fun to share the prep news with you as things shape up.

Meanwhile, in only two days Elvis is rolling out on the paperback of Sammy Keyes and the Showdown in Sin City. So if you've been waiting for the paperback to release, the time is now! (I just love this cover, done by illustrator Karl Edwards. It's pink, but somehow that's okay for this book!)

And Sammy Keyes and the Killer Cruise will be out on September 10, which is right around the ol' calendarical corner. (Sorry.) It's my homage to the mystery genre and contains nods to classic mystery writers (and their characters), and it's my take on a locked-room mystery, with coded clues (a first for Sammy), disguises (definitely not a first!), and (of course) red herrings!

And there's also Sammy & her dad stuck together on a "boat."

Finally (not to mention finally), I've turned in Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye--revised and ready to read by someone besides me (and Mark, of course). I'm sure when Nancy's done with it there'll be stuff to add (and probably subtract), but it's feeling pretty good. Like I wrapped up things y'all asked me to wrap up. Well, mostly. I found I also opened some new cans, but you didn't want it too tidy, right?


Anyway, thanks for checking in. If you haven't already weighed in on the Epic Road Trip, don't be shy. Suggest away via e-mail or in the comments.

See you next week!


Bella Honeydew said...

I love the Elvis in the car, and after reading Sin City, I think bubblegum pink was great for the cover of this book, if any of the Sammy Keyes books had to be pink, it would definetly be this one!!! =)
I am really looking forward to seeing what Kiss Goodbye artwork will look like! And yes, tidy but not TOO tidy is fine, as long as those I'VE BEEN DYING TO KNOW things are answered, everything's fine, instead of it being like, WHAT!? NOOO THE LAST BOOK AND I STILL DON'T KNOW WHO THE NIGHTY NAPPER IS!!!
I hope everyone has a good week! =)

Gabrielle said...

I think the artwork for the paper back of sin city is appropriate for the book. And I really like the cover for killer cruise, but I've always loved the hardcovers for the SK books! There so different (in a good way) and after you read the book the cover makes sense! And I can't wait next year! But I'll be sad the Sammy Keyes is ending, and the other book series I'm reading too! And there both coming out in the fall! I'm going to be so sad! But all good things must come to an end( more like great awesome amazing things!)
But I have LONG reading list, so I'll be preoccupied.
And I also wish everyone will have a good week! :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah I like things a little uneven and messy, but just a little. I've always enjoyed the hardcover art for the Sammy books because it's like a big collage of pictures that summarize the book. Does that make sense?

I was looking back at older post's comments and there was some funny stuff. Stuff like brothers burning books, and checking out a new SK book one minute before the library closed.

Another post I saw was the 'Where's Our Girl?' one with the collage of pictures Nancy sent Wendelin in a string of emails. So you can find it in the archives it was from Sunday, November 25, 2012. Anyway, I couldn't figure out some of them, I'm really dense sometimes. I got the top left and bottom right one (Miracle Mile Shops), the sunglasses one had to do with the Louis Vuittons (I think), and the Oreo one was the convenience store in the MGM Grand. The three in the middle I could really use some help on. Does the statue one have to do with the Egyptian themed hotel, the Luxor?

Yusa said...

Sin City is my favorite Sammy Keyes book. I always liked the hardcovers better than paperback because they are so mysterious and interesting.
I feel like we are going through a long goodbye with Kiss Goodbye getting to it's final stages.
Endings are tricky and i hope im satisfied with this one.
Will there be an ARC for Killer Cruise???
Oh and maybe if the TV show idea gets picked up it can keep SAMMY going.


Leslie said...

Saturday I went to the library to drop off a book/pick up my hold, as is my usual habit, and as I walked in there was a girl carrying out a Sammy Keyes book. I just grinned at her. (Pretty sure it was Psycho Kitty Queen, which is one of my favorites.)

So, if you wanted to hit up SLC, there would be at least two people that have heard of your books. (And this time you know to stay out of the temple...please visit Temple Square again though. Every other building loves visitors.)

I'm excited for the next book(s).

Kylie said...

I have always had a hard time deciding if I like the hardback covers or paperback. They both are so cool and both give hints in to the book. And even though I am not a fan of pink I think pink totally fits the book. I am very excited to see the cover for Kiss Goodbye and am even more excited to read Killer Cruise. I cant believe how close it is until it is over.


Jessica said...

I just filled out the "request a book" form on my library website. Technically it's only supposed to be for books that have already been released, so they can consider reviews, but I found one review already, so... I want to read it ASAP, especially after reading both the review and this post -- I'm expecting a truly awesome mystery! Plus Sammy's dad! I think I'll request "Showdown" the day "Killer Cruise" is released so I can refresh my memory while I'm waiting impatiently for them to actually get the book and catalog it.

I prefer the hardback covers, but I can see the appeal of the paperbacks, too. I would be embarrassed to read such a pink book except that Elvis and the hot rod save it from being too girly.

Optimistic4ever said...

I myself have always been a fan of the paperback book covers, because they all have ridiculously funny pictures, and this one does not let down!

So I was curious, about The Book of Billy Pratt idea. Was that a joke, or would you actually consider maybe writing it one day?

I can't wait to walk out of my library with a hot pink book! It would probably catch the eye of many individuals, and maybe we'll get a new Sammy fan :D

Bella Honeydew said...

O4E: I said that as a joke once but I think it would be a great idea for a sequel!! Since whenever someone would say Billy, where do you GET this stuff?! He says, "From the Book of Billy Pratt of course!!"
WVD is definitely funny enough to write it!!!!!=)=)
And yes, would you consider it?! =D

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

I almost said something about the Book of Billy Pratt in the post but held back.

I do think it would be awesome. I've really grown to love Billy!

Isabel said...
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Isabel said...

Gaaaaaaaaah! I can't wait, and I love the cover! Though I like the hardcover one a lot! I imagine Sammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye is going to be amazing! Somehow the book that wraps up a series seem to go slow, I hope that doesn't happen with Sammy Keyes. I love how Billy Pratt adds so much comedy into the book, and Sammy's attitude, and everyone else, obviously! And I do hope for a show, and can't wait for the trip!

Gabrielle said...

One thing I like about the paperbacks is that they're kind of goofy, I guess you could say. I have all of the SK series in paperbacks,but I'd still rather have the hardcovers. But paperbacks are cheaper,and that's a lot of books.


sammykeyes-addict said...

As much as I'm looking for to the kiss goodbye, I really don't want this series to end! It's been my favorite since I was in fifth grade! It's so sad, but exciting, too!!

sammykeyes-addict said...
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Krissie said...

I am 14 and I have read all of your Sammy keyes books (except for killer cruise) and I got the showdown in sin city (I have literally read it at least 25 times!) can't wait to get killer cruise! :)