Monday, February 18, 2013


Sorry I'm late--it's not diva behavior, I promise! Just spread too thin(ly)!

But now I will tell you about chortling. And how I've been doing it loudly. And with great joy.  Mark, you see, has received his first editorial letter.The one where the editor presents suggestions. You know, think about doing this. Will you please consider doing that? How about you have this happen instead?

Mark has witnessed the editorial process for all 30 of my published books (and Killer Cruise, which will pub in the Fall). So that's 31 times he's told me that the letter "isn't so bad" and that the corrections "will be easy" and that "adding a sentence or two would totally address that."

Now it's my turn! My turn to read the letter and say, Oh, this isn't so bad (it's only six single spaced pages of comments and suggestions, after all), and "Don't worry, that won't be hard," and "You know...just adding a sentence or two would totally take car of that!"

I hear these words come out of my mouth and then I chortle. (Ah, such a satisfying sound and feeling it is to chortle.)

For the past 31 books, Mark has also agreed a little too heartily and a little too often with the editorial quibbles on my multi-paged editorial letters.

Now, it's my turn!


Let me tell you, it is way more fun sitting at the chortle desk than being at the one where sweat pours and mutterings emanate


Hmm. Maybe I'm enjoying this a little too much.

(Chortle, chortle and a bwa-ha-ha!)

Moving on to things of a less chortling nature, I was hoping to have news for you regarding the new Sammy Keyes FaceBook page, but it's not quite ready. Fingers crossed for this coming week! You'll be the first to know!

Meanwhile, try to keep your chortling to yourself, would ya?

(Actually, it would be funny if everyone did a "Hey Mark!....Chortle!" comment this week. Tee-hee!)


Kylie said...

Hey Mark! Chortle!

This must have been a great experience because it has always been you getting the letter and now it is him. It must be nice to tell him everything that he has been telling you.


Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Haha! Thanks Kylie :-)

gabrielle said...

Hey,Mark!!!!! Chortle!!! :D it is probably nice finally telling someone something that they have been telling you!! Everyone have a good week!!!!


Ryan said...

Hey Mark!....Chortle!

Gotta watch out for that Karma, though.... =)

-- Ryan

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

(It's okay. He's got a sense of humor.)

gabrielle said...

You know,chortle is a really fun word to say,(chortle!!) I've never heard of it until now. You learn something new everyday. (Chortle!!!!) :D


Isabel said...

Hey Mark, Chortle, must be nice for a (chortle) change, huh? Chortle, chortle, chortle!!!!

Started, chortle, reading The Running Dream....CHORTLE....finished it, if I have to say one thing about the amazing book, chortle, it is, CHORTLE CHORTLE CHORTLE and touching your heart and a chortle lot more!!!

Jessica said...

Hey Mark!....Chortle!

Between the post and the comments, I'm choking back my chortles here so that I don't wake up my housemates! Though it might seem a bit daunting to revise, I bet it's a happy challenge for Mark.

bookworm said...

Hey Mark......



Yusa said...

Hey Mark!
I bet all the editing in this book will be worth it... and i guess your turn was eventually going to come for the (chortle) receiving end of constructive criticism.. like Ryan said, Karma... You'll get through it though with the help (chortle!) of Wendelin :)

One more Chortle and i'm out :D
--Yusa (Chorlte!)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Hee, hee. I am loving this :)
Thanks to all ya'll chortlin'.

Mark Parsons said...

Thanks, guys - this is actually really funny! (Chortle...)

gabrielle said...

And mark,good luck on your book,I'm sure after all that editing it'll be a great book!! :)


Isabel said...

This is Chortling awesome!!!

Isabel said...

The Book
Runaway, I'm chortling almost done with chortling good!

Isabel said...


Hey Mark,
I bet your book will be chortling awesome!!!
If I chortling find out when and where I can find the book, I'll chortling read it!!

Thirty-five chortles whoops! Thirty-six now!! CHORTLIN' IF FUN, hey Chortlin sounds like a name!!

"Hey Chortlin! How ya' doin'?"
"I'm good, but you can call me Chortle as a nickname, you know to shorten it up."
"Speaking' of which, Chortle, did you know you name is named after the word 'chortle'?"
"REALLY?!?! I need a little talk with my mom!"

45 now...lets see what's next....

Yusa said...

Isabel: yes it is an amazing book but not really funny... to me... more sad.
And second: Wow i thought you only talked a lot but you type a lot also :)

Isabel said...

LOL, Yusa, I agree it was said, I loved how she always Holly considered herself a sea gypsie. GypSea Academy...I won't forget that.
And when you write a novel/book you have to say, how can you not?

Isabel said...

it was sad not said
cut out she, my, so many mistakes...

Bella Honeydew said...

Hey Mark, Chortle! =)
Wow, it's friday already! This whole week went by so fast ( well except math class) so I'm late and missed the chortling fun! =)
good luck on your book mark!=)
Chortle! =)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

I just read a book where the character "chortled". It busted me up to see it in print.

Isabel said...

HAHA, that must be so funny! What a coincidence! CHORTLE!