Sunday, June 24, 2012

Place Holder!

Just checking in to say I just saw Jack Gantos give his Newbery speech and it was so good! Such a funny guy.

And that I will be back after the conference to write a real post!




Yusa said...

COOl! I've been meaning to read his book, Dead End.
Ok, can't wait for the real post!
Tell us about all the authors you meet. :) Though they are all probably honored t omeet YOU.


gabrielle said...

I just searched up Dead End and it sounded very interesting.

Kylie said...

That's awesome! Can't wait for the real post!


Norma said...

Oh, that's so cool! Hope you've had fun at the conference!

Yusa said...

So.... are you not writing another post? Just wondering...

Trang said...
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Trang said...

Are you at the conference in CA? My aunt Mary Wong is there this week. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

It seems as if everyone is busy, on vacation, or simply just out of town this week. I'm in Rhode Island as we speak. With relatives from San Jose (for all you Californians...Cupertino, specifically) and obviously Rhode Island. And today my cousin just came back from his college dorm in New York, and his name is Sammy so I Facebook statused and Tweeted "Went to a shady pastry shop with Sammy and my sister" and people commenter going, "Sammy Keyes, that kid you slays talk about?"
...Its a girl. She's not a kid. And she's FICTIONIAL. Its kinda funny how people associate me with the name Sammy now though. SK FOR THE WIN.
But yeah, have fun at your conference!!!! Gotta go one-up Sammy's piano playing skills. He's playing Muse, I'm gonna go play The Fray. LOSE AND INSECUREE YOU FOUND ME. YOU FOUND MEE. LYING ON THE FLOORRR. SURROUNDED. SURROUNDED.
I hope you're having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

And second mistake: *ALWAYS. Not "slays" I don't slay Sammy Keyes. I ALWAYS talk about her. Stupid iPhone.