Sunday, April 1, 2012


Happy is not what I'm feeling right now.

I have spent more than an hour writing an entry about my sons and the April Fool's pranks we've had going back and forth over the years, with a gleeful slant on my clever paybacks.

It was a really funny entry!

And I saved it, like seven times as I wrote it because I've had bad experiences with Blogger freezing up or dumping my work in the past. The post was spell checked and everything, and as I went to add the graphic I got an error.

No problem! I had saved it right before, so when the program dumped me, I was not worried.

Well, Blogger pulled a righteous April Fool's on me--only the first sentence was there!

I just do not have the time or fortitude to re-do the whole thing.

Plus, I am TICKED OFF!

I do remember my last sentences. They were...What's the best April Fool's joke you've played (or have had played on you)? (I hope it's nothing like the one Blogger has played on me!)

And ...

See you next week for the results of the Justice Jack ARC contest!

So I'm sorry about the Lost Post. I have to face it--I've been punked.


Kylie said...

So bumped about what blogger did to you! How cruel! The best April fools prank I have ever done isn't that extreme but it sure shocked my mom. I just turned the shower head in the shower so that when the next person to turn it on turned it on they would get hit in the face with water. Well it worked but she never told me that it happened to her until a little while after.

I saw a great one that happened today.y little sister likes to drink out of my mom's water so my mom put in tons and tons of salt in it so when she drank out of it she got a nice little surprise. She was gagging for a while after that.

Can't wait for the results! I really really hope I win! It would be awesome!

yuseyz said...

Wow i would be mad if my thing didn't save. i mean that happens all the time on school projects. you save it fifty times, but on the day to present it it's not there. I love what google does on april fools day. every year the ydo something like this.
Also adblock made all he ads into cat pictures. I usually forget about april fools on the day and i don't get pranked often.
I really wish i win the book! Good luck everybody!

Caradith Craven said...

Oh, the frustration of technology. You may have temporarily lost your hard work on the blog post, but your special memories of fun pranks and clever paybacks with your boys can never be erased. They are etched in your memory bank forever. Knowing you, they will come to life again on the printed page one way or another. No error message will ever overshadow the powerful way you express yourself and communicate to your readers through words.

yuseyz said...

sorry i keep sending in my entry but i changed it to make it perfect and color coded it. yellow are hte ones i'm sure of. i just really want to get the book. :)

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Aw :)
Yeah, I keep trying to pay my son back for The Sprayer Incident, but he keeps shouting "Not Funny Mom!"
Which I don't get. What's not funny about Monopoly money in your wallet? What's a little hunger when humor resides between the flaps of thin leather? "No, Mom! Not Funny!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, god. My STUPID English teacher sent her students messages to our Blackboard accounts going, "Dear [student], I checked your essay on Huck Finn on Turn It In and it got a result of 99.87% plaigarized.." etc, etc, and all this court of law mumbo jumbo.
I had a heart attack at first, I threw my iPhone against the wall, and then burst into tears (true story). Then when I was seriously contemplating suicide or something, I realized it was April 1st. I had woken up at 1 pm and just checked my stuff on my phone, so I guess I wasn't completely awake. But still, I emailed her for reassrance....Stupid woman. I also had a dream last night about getting a note in the mail saying I had to go to court. It was a nightmare, actually.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Whoa, Steph!
People laugh when I say "English teachers scare me" but you obviously know what I'm talkin' about!

Beach said...

My dad pulled the best April Fools' prank on my brother. He mailed a fake college rejection letter (the wording in the 2nd sentence clued him in that it was fake) from the town of my brother's first-choice college, and fished the real (acceptance) letter out of the mail.

yuseyz said...

That really sucks. I always forget April Fools Day when it comes around. I would be really freaked if that happened to me.

AbaGayleb said...

I told my friend that we were moving, after she tricked me, saying that my favorite band was just at her church. Originally, my dad faked a phone call from his boss saying that his application to the opening in Chicago(my mom HATES up north...and Chicago)was accepted and it was effecting April 1st, 2012. My Mother flipped out, screaming and everything. Then my Dad said,"April Fools!" and she burst into tears. Of course, to get back at him we put saran wrap around the toilet seat(it looked like nothing was there)but he SOMEHOW saw that. Anyway, I totally fooled my friend. Hah.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone HATE our crap-brutal winters and wonderful toe-freezing amonia-inducing winds!? I mean, seriously. OBAMA IS NOT AMUSED.
Oh, but *I* was seriously amused with the saran wrap thing. Now that is just one cruel joke, but I totally love your mom's sense of humor.

yuseyz said...

At school some boys did that in the boys bathroom and they got in really big trouble. It was a while ago though.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I was such a delinquent in 4th grade that I stuffed tissue papers in the soap dispensers so they didn't work. Well, me and another delinquent 4th grader. CRIMINAL LIFE. Sammy would be ashamed.

yuseyz said...

I can't claim any credit like that. I've been a goody goody at school since like forever. But only at school. Me and my friend used to be at this place where there was a balcony and when people walked by underneath we spit and ducked.

Stefunny said...

I was gone for last week's post, so I'm glad you gave two weeks for the contest! Otherwise I would've missed it.