Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Night

I’m sitting on the couch, eating Cajun trail mix, glad, so glad, I’m not an actress. It’s Oscar night and they’re walking the red carpet and you can bet they’ve been avoiding any and all salty foods and agonizing over their skin and hair and gown and shoes. For months now (or, at least, since the nominees were announced) they’ve been getting ready for this night, working hard to make everything perfect.

And then the fashion police will come along and tear them apart. Those shoes! That dress! What was she thinking?

I hate the fashion police. They’re mean. And petty. And cruel. And what I really want to know is, who gave Kelly Osbourne a badge? Does she have the authority to arrest herself? Why isn’t she exercising it?

Having Kelly Osbourne as a style critic is like having William Hung as a judge on American Idol.

My take on all the carpet walkers is, if they made the effort to show respect for the event, they look great. What they’re wearing and who they’re wearing is not the reason they’re walking.

Now back to my Cajun trail mix.


Kylie said...

I totally get what your saying about it's not their clothes that get them the award but their acting. I really don't like actors that are all oh I'm wearing blah blah and blah blah blah. I'm like it's not who your wearing that matters but what your doing that does!

I jut finished reading the running dream for the first time and it was so good! I loved what she did for rosa! And how she got the courage to show of her leg (I don't know if I could!) this was such and amazing story!

Oh and your Cajun trail mix sounds so good!

Ryan said...

I can't stand watching the Oscars (or any of those award shows), but hey, whatever. But it drives my absolutely CRAZY when they start analyzing all the outfits the next day. Really?! Do they even care who actually wins? Just compare how much airtime is used to talk about the winners (and losers!) to how much air time the fashion police get and it makes me sad for society. *shaking head*

-- Ryan, who thinks white after Labor Day is a fine fashion statement =)

yuseyz said...

I saw the oscars, so i slept waaaaaaay past my bedtime, cuz i ate dinner afterwards, and i had a lot to do.
I hate how they analyze who and what people wear. I mean what does it matter who (not to not give credit to those people).
Everyone looked BEAUTIFUL yesterday. Who says whos opinions matter the most. I mean the people wearing the outfits like it thats enough. Everyone thinks differently and any one opinion doesn't matter more.

Optimistic4ever said...

Ah, well you know what they say...

Welcome to our society. You will be judged on what you wear, which music you listen to, what you look like, how you act, who you hang around with, and on practically every other personal trait and imperfection about you, and you'll be made fun of for being who you are. Enjoy your stay.

So true, isn't it?

I agree. Instead of tearing them apart for what they wear, they should judge them by skills. Isn't that what the Oscars are about? Appreciating their talent?


Anonymous said...

All these celebrities are prancing around in Versace and Christian Dior and Vera Wang and it’s pretty depressing because my car AND my sister’s car probably cost less than one of their dresses combined.
I like to focus more on my favorite dresses, though, like Emma Stone’s Giambattista Valli Couture. I know everyone was like, “The bow makes the dress look like wrapping paper or Christmas blah blah blah!” and I’m here in the corner like, “….CLASS. Ever heard of it?” And Meryl Streep is a goddess<3
It was REALLY depressing because the same day as the Oscars was Winter Formal at my school (which was a flop, thanks a lot ‘Dirty-Dancing Penalty Box’) and at the after-party people were just watching the Oscars and it was SO awkward.
Because all the guys were like, “YEAH! ANGELINA JOLIE, HOTTTTT”
Anyway, last year I sat at home with my parents and watched the Oscars while eating cookie dough ice cream. That’s all I remember, except for the fact when the whole “Hottest Movie Kisses of 2010!” came on and my mom was making weird comments like, “That one was nice” and “THAT ONE, DEFINITELY” and “LOOK AT HIS NOSE!”
Oh god..
Embarassing moms..something you are most definitely not.
I mean, really, Wendelin Van Draanen. You write Sammy Keyes.
You INVENTED the phrase “busted up”. Well, for me at least. I never knew about it before.
And Kelly Osbourne = a trash bag. Her dad..can go eat a bird, or something. Seriously, I’m just NOT a fan at ALL of the Osbournes. Go eat birds. Because apparently he does that on stage? EW. STOP EATING BIRDS, OSBOURNES.
My comment is longer than your post. That’s awkward…but I just love discussing the Oscars and celebrities and dresses! In a nice way, not in a total insult-fest way. Bye!!
xoxo “

Anonymous said...

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By the way, I love your books, have I ever mentioned that? :)) guys!
Previously xxClxx but not anymore. :D (its not that I don’t like Cammy anymore, I STILL DO OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY.. but I just needed a new blog start cuz everything was so cluttered and lame of mine..)

GwynMalLaur said...

hahaha i know!

Kylie said...

Steph it was not lame! But thanks so much for letting us know! And thanks wendelin for using your blog as a way to communicate!

bookworm said...

I never watch those awards, just the Golden Globes. They're much more worth it to me, partially the focus isn't all on clothes.

Society is so conceited. :/

Kylie said...

Hey Wendelin I have a question for you:
When is Sammy's birthday date?

I have figured it to the 2nd-7th of April because of a few things said in Psycho Kitty Queen. Since April is coming up I was just wondering if you have an actual date set or not. I hope you do because then we could celebrate her birthday!

Anonymous said...

Can it be April 7th? I've always pictured for it to be. Oh and that's also my half-birthday, so SCORE. So HER half-birthday would me my birthday, OHYEAH. :)

Beach said...

I remember watching the news a few years back, and they showed David Spade responding to one of the fashion police's haughty "Where'd you get your outfit?" with "Target -- and don't act like I should be ashamed of that, because it only cost me $100, and I think it's ridiculous to spend thousands of dollars on something you're only going to wear once when there are hungry, sick people all over the world." (That's a very rough paraphrase -- my Google skills failed me, so I can't link the video.) It made me gain a lot of respect for him.

To paraphrase a great man: I have a dream that one day our daughters will be judged on the content of their minds and hearts, and not on the contents of their closets and make-up cases.

city said...

nice idea.. thanks for posting.