Sunday, August 28, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

I should have started packing earlier. My maps are not together, my equipment is still charging, the laundry is taking forever to dry, and it’s going to be 110 degrees in Las Vegas tomorrow!

I really, really don’t want to go.

But that’s where Sammy’s headed (I’ve just about got her on a plane…it wasn’t easy!) and I have to go do what Sammy’s going to go and do or how can I write about it?

No fancy casinos for me.

Gotta hit the seedy side of town.

Well, there are a lot of those in Las Vegas, but you know.

And I’ve got to go to one of those tacky wedding chapels.

And see an Elvis impersonator in action.

And get back stage.

And on the roof.

I don’t know of what, but of something!

Sammy always winds up on the roof.

Then there’s the jail.

I’ve really got to go to jail.

No, I’m not giving away the plot. You think you’ve got this figured out, but uh-uh-uh! How can you? I don’t even know what that girl is going to get into!

But the roof?

And jail?

Foregone conclusions.

Maybe Elvis will bail her out.

You know who I’m talking about!

And if you don’t you’ve picked the wrong week to check out this blog.

I’m packing.

I’ve got no time to explain.

Viva Las Vegas!


N3WYORKANG3L said...


Everyones teasing me today!

First I wait three hours to see the Hunger Games trailer but it was like six seconds long and it turns out it was just a teaser. Oh that hurt.

Now Sammys on roofs and jails and a seedy part of town? Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

My grandma went to Vegas once. She loves to gamble. And Elvis. Oh Elvis. I instantly thought of the Elvis impersonator from Psycho Kitty Queen but maybe I'm wrong.

What the heck are you doing in VEGAS, Sammy?

Lucky. Hmm. Is Casey going with her?
My inner Cammy side needs to know that. But it's probably not gonna get an answer yet. I'll just wait.

A wedding chapel. And to think, the Borschman and Debra just got married.

Amanda from Seattle said...

Neon Graveyard!! Bellagio's Dale Chihuly Ceiling, two of my favorite Vegas sites....Those cards that advertise the "escort services" you see them everywhere, stuck in chainlink fences, in the gutters, guys collect them!!! Red Rock Canyon, take carrots to feed the burros along the side of the road.

Keep cool!!

bookworm said...

can you have sammy go to the bellagio? just to see the water show? or the ceiling inside?
that was the highlight of my las vegas for me. but the highlight in the ENTIRE las vegas trip i took a few years ago......... a tie between the grand canyon and the hoover dam. :) but can she go to the bellagio.......... please?

Leslie said...

I'm seeing Sammy plan to go to the Bellagio and get distracted or kidnapped or something and never get to go. That'd be more her style.

Stay safe in Las Vegas.

Alexa said...

ahhhhhhh! Why is it that today it's just like everything's giving me a LITTLE glimpse and then I have to wait to know the rest???? So....what IS our teenage sleuth in Las Vegas? Hm? Well I could probably give you five wacky guesses if I tried but I'm tired and I don't think my brain would appreciate that much work haha.

And what's gonna be the deal with Casey and Sammy? I've kinda been wondering about that....I mean, will thins be like they were before they kissed? Or will Heather find a way to mess things up again? So.........what's gonna happen???

Ok, I know I've been asking a bunch of questions that you can't answer without giving away a lot of things about the book. But....a fan can hope, right? :D


P.S. N3WYORKANG3L, you like the Hunger Games too?????? I just watched the "trailer" today. I wanted more of it! I thought it was gonna be like an ACTUAL trailer! But no....they couldn't do that for us fans.

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Safely in LV! And, coincidentally, guess what book I brought to read? Hunger Games :) (I'm a little behind, don't rub it in.) Thanks, everyone, for the comments! Yes, it's Elvis from PKQueen...he has a role in Justice Jack and again in this one. We've got maps and a list and I'm ready to plot out tomorrow's "sleuthing." Excited!Oh! I've got to look up the neon graveyard. Sounds cool!Double Oh! I remember the Valley of Fire well -- my parents took us CAMPING there in the SUMMER when we were kids. Just one night, but geez.

Mel said...

Oh man!! When I read this entry, I started cracking up. I had to go to my roommate (who's a Sammy fan) and tell her about this cause she understands. And then, I got a little worried about Sammy even being in way worried.

Well, have fun in Vegas with Sammy. Wish I could be there. :D

Anonymous said...

I got excited there,for a minute!
One of the reasons I want to be a writer is for all the adventures you get to go on.Sammy's going to Vegas!I wonder all the people she'll meet there.I'm related to Elvis.:D
Great post!

Optimistic4ever said...

Oh Sammy, what will you do next? Oh wait, don't answer that. imma wait for the next book to come out. No spoilers for this girl. Okay, maybe a few, but still...

Might Sammy's father be in Las Vegas at the current time?

You're reading The Hunger Games? Omg that's awesome! Tell us if you like it! gotta go watch the trailer.

Millers said...

OH WAI-WAI-WAI-WAI-WAIT,WAIT A SECOND... Does this have anything to do with Sammy on a quest for finding her dad? Or maybe it has something to do with helping Marissa's dad... he gambles a lot doesn't he?

Slightly changing the subject, I always hated Mikey before the whole McKenzie family issue... but now, i kinda want to read a bit more about him. Does he have any major roles in the next books?

and by the way, I love hearing about the little adventures you have to take for sammy. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it down! It give me something to look forward to on sundays. :)

Anonymous said...

how could you leave us hanginng!!! can you at least tell us what # book that will be in???
and have you decided on a title yet for "justice jack"???? TELL ALL!!
ahhh @millers, thats a good guess about maybe she's going because of marissa and stuff!!! that would make sense...or on the quest for her dad :D EITHER ONE!!
well, seeing as i am 15, i have never been to Las Vegas and cannot give you places to go, but i hope you have fun and stay safe and give us some more info!! (when you're ready, obviouslyyy)
<3<3 julie <3<3

Anonymous said...

AHHHH and i <3 hunger games soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[= GwyMaLaur =] said...

Hahahaha be safe :)
Las Vegas can be dangerous :)

frances said...
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frances said...

Im sorry, the book sounds really exciting!!

frances said...
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frances said...

So many comments! But this reminds me of Sk13 with "Honey, sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas." Is there a connection??