Monday, April 18, 2011

Stop The Clock!

There's a four book contract on my desk and it's making me sad.

Mark laughed at me when I told him. 

He's been waiting a while for a one-book contract to come through.

So yeah, it's pretty silly that a four-book contract would make anyone sad, but it's for the final four Sammys and The End is coming at me like a freight train. Choo-choo. (Boo-hoo!)

Maybe I won't sign them! I'm going to miss my first deadline anyway, so why sign something you can't fulfill.

But my agent extended my grace period in the contract(s) so dang. I don't have that excuse.

The contracts arrived on my oldest son's twentieth birthday.

I cannot believe he's twenty!


He can't believe it, either, and decided Disneyland was the place to go to avoid facing the end of his "childhood." So that's where we went this weekend!

So where do I go to avoid facing the end of Sammy? Disneyland doesn't seem right. And she's not "18" yet (the number of books). She's not even 15! She's only 14.5! She's still a kid. I have a lot of time left!

That's what I said about my son.

Maybe if I wrote sloooooower I could avoid this ending for a while.

But time just keeps marching, man, and my son's already twenty.

And these contracts are sitting here on my desk ticking.

But then there's Mark, in the next room, laughing, keeping it all in perspective.

Silly girl.

He's twenty. He's happy. He's healthy.

Silly girl.

It's a four-book contract and you're sad?


N3WYORKD3VIL said...

I'm saaaad. I feel like writing an obituary...wait...I did. I had to write it for the newspaper my group is doing. They stuck me with the obituary cuz they say I'm like the Kiss of Death. Ouch.

Why must Sammy go bye-bye? Why can't school go bye bye instead? I can't wait to go to high school. I can't wait to get out of the same school as my sister...huh...that sounds familiar fr some odd reason...

Anonymous said...

Second blogger!My personal best!
Ohhh why'd you have to remind me?!
:"( I hate when series' end.It just is sad,The pretties made me sad,and just about every other ending series has made me want to cry.Yes,Yes do stop the clock!NOW!please before I die,I hope you had fun this weekend.My brother is 19 and it's sad when you think,"I've only spent oh-so-much time with them." This weekend my family went to Chattanooga for the Art festival and to go to the aquarium.We had LOADS of fun!Gosh Georgia may be where my heart is but Tennessee will always have some space.

AbaGayle B.

P.S Sammy Keyes movie???!?!? And No more,"The series is almost over!s"

Pooja said...

It's sad for every Sammy Keyes fan!
But, at least we have 4 or 5 more to go!

Anyway, nice post!

Lucy said...


ginngle11 said...

( sob , sob , sob, ) That is the saddest thing ive heard all spring break>>>:(. im so bummed because i go through sammy keyes booksa like water or air. One minute your on chapter one and the next minute your reading the final page. IT KILLS ME. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... well ill have to limit the reading to a reasonable amount a day. At least for now we're not talking about the final sammy book. Because when i finish that, well, ill probably cry.I've been waiting for night of skulls since January, when i finished The Wedding Crasher, so even when i get THAT and finish THAT ill be sad. Theres no way around it. Anyway Great post! Ill check back next week.
Love Ya! :D Ginngle11 ( hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha )

Alexa said...

NOOOOOO! 4 more? That's all there is left?!!!! Why can't we have one year less of school and one more Sammy?! I could just bypass this year of school all together! Who needs Freshman year? I don't! But I could use another Sammy book...!

But there's nothing I can do about it............ :(

I was wondering if there's going to be a movie on the books? Will there?

And, also, I think it would be so, so, VERY AWESOME if you did like a chapter or so in Casey's point of view. That'd just make my day.

Optimistic4ever said...

Guys, guys! Relax! There's no need to be all "OMG! Only 4 more books and then no more Sammy!" Okay, fine, I admit, I'm sad too. I'm just trying to be optimistic here (see my username if any doubts on why) so here goes...

Sammy will always be with us, in our hearts. And on fanfiction of course. Plus, look at the good side of the series ending! One sec, I'm thinking. And thinking. And thinking. And you know what? I got nothing! Cue mental breakdown.

So obviously, my attempt at being optimistic was an epic fail. There is only one thing left to do.


That, incase you didn't realize, was approximately 37 digits of pi. And it didn't help our situation in any way.

So I remain sad. Though of course, i am excited to see who Sammy's dad is!

Anonymous said...

OMG!I get to find out who her dad is :0 That would be scary if it was Casey's dad!I am Very sad and that will not change but i have a few questions:Are you going to keep writing more books after this series?
Will you keep blogging?And this isn't really a question but,you really should make a book about Casey!


Optimistic4ever said...

Alexa: Ok, so I remember I asked a while back if there would be a book in Casey's POV, or maybe even in Heather's. Here's the answer I got...

The last book will apparantly be in many different people's POVs.

Hopefully that will include Heather.

Alexa said...

Optimistic4ever, thank you!

Anonymous said...

optimistic4ever thanks a bunch i was wondering that!

Joy said...
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Rose said...

Well there's still four books left it could be worse! I mean it could be one! Or you could still be swiming in the sea of no. Or you could still be trying to write your fist book. The end just means the start of another adventure (or book), and DONT slow down on your writing i am a big sammy keyes fan and i can't wait for your next book!

Rose said...

Also is there gonna be a sammy keyes movie? I sure hope so!

Wendelin Van Draanen said...

Wow, I'm behind on answering questions! Thank you O4E for picking up the slack. I'm looking forward to the last book (and the structure, POVs) but will be several years! No crying by anyone (but me!) Some of you will have moved on to other things (say it ain't so!) I'm just trying to enjoy the ride...and appreciate your company! Thanks bunches!

yuseyz said...

:( I don't want sammy to end either but don't write slower! write more if u must but its torture waiting for a book to come out! Sammy has been my role model for many years and i love her! Shes amazing and now i want to learn to skateboard and get hightops and be like her! Wendelin, ur my favorite author and i want to write like u when i grow up (except for Confessions of a serial Kisser. srry i dint like that :() I really want to meet u so come to calafornia to sacremento and to my school plz plz plz!
Love from,