Sunday, November 11, 2007

Marathon Slide Show!

Sorry for the delay. There was the trip home, the physical recovery, and then we did leave two teen boys "home alone" for 5 days, so there was definite recovery from that!

Plus, I'm no Web design wizard, so it took me a little while to put the slide show together, but it's now up and working on the ETRTR home page. It's a brief overview of our time in New York City, including a visit to Random House, the men's Olympic trials in Central Park, and "race day" on November 4th. Our camera stopped working around Mile 20, but we were able to recover the pictures and have ended the slide show with an After Run Party shot that was sent to us.

FAIR WARNING: Some images of your illustrious running-for-reading author are shocking. Frightening. (At least to me!) These slides are rated U (for Ugly). Marathon running ain't no beauty pageant, baby. It's gritty.

Click here for a shortcut to slide show. And please come back soon for news on this year's prize winners and next year's school program, which will run again due to popular demand.)

Enjoy the show!


Nicki said...

Dear Wendelin and Mark,

Congrats on running the NYC marathon! You both look fabulous! Thanks for all that you do for children and literacy!

Nicki Moad
West Burlington Elementary School in Iowa

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Jenifer said...

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