Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Most Excellent Day

Yesterday was a most excellent day. First Book (www.firstbook.org) posted my guest blog, creating lots of activity on the ETRTR site (www.exercisetherighttoread.org). Every time I communicate with someone from First Book, I'm re-impressed. Efficient, dedicated, compassionate...they're on a mission and they intend to get the job done. My kind of people! Web cruisers obviously read their blog, too, because we received a flurry of encouraging e-mails in our mail@exercisetherighttoread.org box from all around the country. Encouragement is a good thing! Mark and I also ordered Exercise the Right to Read t-shirts--simple white shirts with the logo race bib on front--it's a truly excellent day when your most immediate worry is, what size do people like to sweat in? It's good to savor Most Excellent Days -- here's hoping you have one soon!

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