Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Map, A Song, and a Dead Skunk, too

It's been a couple of days since my last post. It's crazy around here! My kids have gotten way into music this past year, one playing guitar, the other drums. And since I (sorta) play guitar (loud, distorted, so you can't tell when I clam) and my husband plays drums (he's rock-solid and amazing), our younger son decided we should have a song-writing contest. Him and me against his dad and brother. First, I said, we've got to record the Exercise the Right to Read jingle. He groaned, but then totally got into it. It's just hand claps and singing, designed to be used by schools to get kids pumped about doing their reading and running. But in addition to deciding that the jingle was good and very catchy, my son also enjoyed making fun of the fact that I cannot clap and sing at the same time. (Not like the jingle requires, anyway.) Half a day later, we finally had the jingle finished... Now all I have to do is figure out how to upload it to the site! In other news, the progress map and the bookmark copy masters are done and on the site. Yay! Thanks to my amazing friend Jean, they came out great--kid-friendly and fun. Check out the School Program portion of the site to view/print them. And yesterday's run resulted in getting lost! It was such a long way home...and I never want to see that dead skunk I kept running past again! (Although I decided that, stench aside, skunks are very pretty, in a mink-stole-on-a-rat sort of way...) I'll let you know when the jingle's up. Meanwhile, off to do a few chores before finally rocking out with that drummer son of mine. He says he's got a great groove and some cool lyrics. Should be long as he doesn't expect me to clap and sing.

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